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Why do famous enterprises keep people?

Retaining talent is a management discipline. As more and more foreign companies flock to China to further expand their business, various types of companies are engaged in fierce competition to hire and retain outstanding employees. Brain drain is one of the key factors restricting the development of enterprises. Retaining talents has become an important issue facing enterprises.

Retaining talent is a management discipline. As more and more foreign companies flock to China to further expand their business, various types of companies are engaged in fierce competition to hire and retain outstanding employees. Brain drain is one of the key factors restricting the development of enterprises. Retaining talents has become an important issue facing enterprises.

1. Marriott: take good care of employees first

As the "100 Best Employers" by Fortune Magazine for seven consecutive years, Marriott International Group ranks second among many companies with more than 100,000 employees. It is also the only American hotel group on the list. Fortune magazine specifically emphasized the career development opportunities provided by Marriott International Group for its employees. In the past year, more than 300 employees of the group have been promoted to managers from time-paid positions. In addition, Marriott also received high marks for social welfare activities, employee training programs, and average employee service years.

Last year, Marriott was affected by SARS in China. The staff of the hotel manager reduced their salaries, but all of Marriott ’s employees were retained. There were no layoffs. They all survived this difficulty together. The Marriott Group has a core business philosophy: "If we take good care of our employees, they will also take good care of our guests."

Marriott believes that HR management is a multi-faceted matter. First, it needs to hire the right people, put them in the right positions, and give them good training. It is also important to give them reasonable compensation. The most important thing is that the company will provide them with opportunities for growth and development.

Marriott often conducts opinion surveys on the employees of each hotel on a regular basis, asking them what is unhappy and unhappy, and what needs to be improved. If a restaurant scores low in a survey, it means there is a problem that needs improvement. This is a scientific method to investigate employee satisfaction.

2. L'Oreal: Creating a family atmosphere

L'Oréal recruits 1,900 management personnel worldwide each year, of which 46% are fresh graduates and 10% have preliminary work experience. Today, when the talent war is intensifying, L'Oreal has taken the recruitment of employees as an important part of its business strategy and has maintained close cooperation with 110 well-known universities around the world. The Paris Higher Business School (HEC), known as the “First Business School in France”, has delivered a large number of high-level business executives to L'Oréal in the past 25 years. The school also takes L'Oreal's marketing strategy as one of the teaching content. L'Oreal also Provide their students with a large number of internship opportunities to headquarter.

In addition to recruiting first-class talents, it is the ultimate goal of L'Oréal to make young people fully integrated into the entire company's operating system. To this end, all previous presidents of L'Oreal emphasized that it is necessary to create a "family atmosphere" within the company so that newly-entered young people can become masters of the home as soon as possible.

The L'Oréal China branch has grown from 100 to 3,000 in just 5 years, thanks in large part to the talent strategy of "boldly enabling young people". In response to the current lack of understanding of the management methods of French companies and the management strategies of multinational groups by Chinese young people, L'Oréal has invested heavily in training Chinese employees, and the training rate of Chinese branches is as high as 39%. In order to ensure the quality of the staff, they established cooperative relations with well-known universities such as Fudan, Tongji, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and set up a scholarship at the China Europe International Business School. One person was selected from the 60 applicants of the school. It provides the full cost of the two-year MBA program.

For young people leaving after training, whether it will cause losses to the company, L'Oreal does not want to "bundle" people in the form of contracts, but to make every position in the company attractive. "If a promising young man asks to resign, this is indeed a regrettable thing. However, it is ourselves and not him who should be reviewed." Ouya believes that if you are worried about this situation It is extremely unwise to hire only people with considerable work experience or even to give up training for young people, because the first in-service training of young people will often have a great impact on his future work.

3. Amway: Humanized incentive system

The award system of Amway sales personnel is a perfect interpretation of the incentive system for excellent employees. Helping salespeople believe in themselves, challenge themselves, and accomplish themselves has made Amway's backbone sales team solid, and thus increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The bonus system designed by Amway for sales personnel was once included in the teaching materials of the famous Harvard Business School in the United States. This reasonable bonus system not only better stimulates the sales enthusiasm of the sales staff, but also distinguishes Amway from the illegal MLM "mouse club" that harms society, because under this system it is impossible to get once or for nothing.

Amway's product professional knowledge training is unique and productive. First of all, it requires each Amway product sales representative to have the courage to show themselves, and be familiar with the product's performance, cost performance demonstration, and its unique sales proposition (USP). Amway's training is more than just listening, it is more about the salesperson's self-presentation, which is a kind of accumulation of behavioral perseverance. Of course, in actual sales work, you will encounter a variety of problems, such as customers who do not give you the opportunity to demonstrate products or services, despise your existence, then you need the perseverance of the sales staff and a good psychological endurance ability. The good mentality comes from Amway's precautionary psychological quality education. Amway did a predictive analysis for each of the training objects that will soon become product sales representatives in future specific work, and provided them with objective solutions and reference methods, eliminating them from answering It's hard to be embarrassed when customers consult. At the same time, through this continuous and continuous training, the cohesion of the entire sales team is virtually increased.

Amway believes that under the premise of superior product quality, customer loyalty comes from customer satisfaction with the products or services provided by the company, and the first time the customer is in close contact with the company's product or service carrier is the company's sales staff, not ad. The mental appearance of sales representatives is a mirror of the company. The sales skills and enthusiasm of sales representatives determine the market share of products to a large extent, especially in the general consumer goods market. Domestic companies are busy changing from a single product or service provider to a learning organization, which is to improve their overall quality, product manufacturing and service delivery experience, so as to increase market share and maximize market realm. This requires a process in which the sales staff should be able to see their own obvious progress and inspire their determination and confidence to constantly improve themselves.

The company simply provides its sales staff with education and learning opportunities limited to product knowledge, which is obviously not smart enough. A theory called "ERG" is attracting the attention of Amway Corporation. According to the actual situation in China, Amway divides the needs of sales representatives into three categories: Existence needs (Existenceneeds), that is, physical and safety material needs; Relationship needs (Relatednessneeds ), Aspects related to interpersonal relationships and social structure, such as being loved, someone needs and recognized; growth needs: (Growthneeds) aspects related to personal progress and growth, namely respect and self-actualization. Whether the demand can be met affects the loyalty of the sales representative.

Amway Company not only gave their sales representatives their desire for material things, but also gave them career and spiritual pursuit. And some domestic companies give sales staff nothing but nothing naked.

Amway Company is well aware that the original marketing 4P theory has been challenged. Professionals pointed out that the focus of future marketing will be on brand and communication skills. A company has a pure brand, no ability to communicate with customers, and only rely on products to impress customers. The market is difficult to grow; a company has only good communication skills, but it lacks a connotative and competitive brand, and it is difficult to dominate. The market category it belongs to. To be a winner in market competition, a company must have both of these characteristics. Amway has a good brand image, and what is the representative of communication skills? Not a small advertisement, but a salesperson with solid persuasion skills. Once the salesperson who has the information of the end customer has changed or changed jobs due to lack of love for the company, it will inevitably affect the company's product or service sales at a stage. Amway ’s maintenance of the loyalty of sales representatives not only relies on salary increases and promotion, but also infects them through the company ’s unique cohesion and humanistic atmosphere, making them feel that the company is no longer a battlefield for wages and positions. It is also the "family" that cares about their growth.

4. Microsoft: use promotion opportunities to reward talents

Most growing companies will encounter a typical problem: how to keep talents in technical positions, in order to make full use of his accumulated expertise and the company's investment. Similarly, after Microsoft continued to grow and develop, continuously recruiting new employees and cultivating them as excellent technicians, they also encountered the same problem. To solve this problem, one of the unique features of Microsoft is the promotion of highly skilled technicians to the position of managers.

Gates and other early leaders of the company have always been paying attention to the promotion of highly skilled employees as managers. The result of this policy has also given Microsoft a unique advantage over many other software companies-Microsoft ’s managers are both leaders in the industry ’s technology, always grasping the pulse of the industry ’s technology, and at the same time they can use technology and how to use technology as The combination of the company's maximum profit has formed a management team that understands technology and manages well. For example, the group vice president Nathan Melward (36 years old) is a Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University, under the tutelage of Stephen Hawking, the Nobel Prize winner in physics. He is responsible for the company's network, multimedia technology, radio communications, and online services, but this method is for developers and testers who only want to stay in the professional department and only want to be promoted to the highest position in the professional, without having to bear the management responsibility. It is not very attractive to programmers, so that the problem of career management arises. The main way for Microsoft to solve this problem is to establish a formal technical promotion path in the technical department. The method of establishing a technical promotion path is very important for retaining skilled technicians, admitting them and giving them the remuneration equivalent to that of general managers.